Importance of post pandemic office and remote IT Support

Post Covid office and remote IT Support

Following the pandemic, businesses are now heading back to the workplace and get back to a new form normality.

Since the pandemic, many businesses are now choosing to operate fully remotely. According to FlexJobs: over 30 large companies such as Adobe, Nationwide and Spotify have opted to switching to their staff working remotely. However, some have opted for a hybrid solution which means half of their employees back in the office and the other half working remote. Other corporations have opted to open up their offices again with a full workforce.

Now more than ever, companies and businesses have relied on remote IT support to help ensure that they are fully protected and up and running whilst working from home. This includes IT security and network care and maintaining the company’s digital infrastructure.

An IT support company such as Swift Digital have made sure to adapt to ensure client businesses have their IT needs supported and cared for fully remotely as well as onsite.
What we have learnt from the pandemic is that a large number of companies do not have a reliable IT Support company working alongside them, increasing the risk of exposure to cyberattacks as well as inefficiency in accessing company information. Furthermore, company networking infrastructures that have not had remote connectivity or cloud services have suffered greatly with not being able to access the data that they need.

With the recent shift in the way that organisations operate, it is imperative that IT Support companies also evolve to accommodate the new demand. Pre-pandemic only a few staff members may have worked from home, but post-pandemic we are now seeing that more and more organisations will be adopting the practice for both safety and financial reasons. By doing so, the number of desks within an office can be reduced as well as rents and ultimately assisting the business in regenerating some of the recent reductions in income.

Businesses with a pro-active IT Support company have found the transition to remote working relatively seamless. With small system adjustments, staff have been able to take their office phones and workstations home, plug them in, and continue to work without disruption. The forward-thinking IT companies would have already prepared their customers for Cloud based services to have included Cloud Servers, hosted email, remote access services and Voice over IP.

  • So, what if you are reading this and thinking that the lockdown affected your business negatively because you didn’t have these systems in place?
  • What if you are one of these companies that does want to either fully operate remotely or at least in a hybrid environment?
  • What if you have realised that your business is not as prepared for these for these unforeseen events as you thought you were?

It’s important to make sure that your IT provider is qualified and experienced in the Cloud based technologies. This includes checking what services they can provide, for example, cloud servers, hosted emails and other remote access facilities and ask to see examples of current clients with these facilities in place.
The level of IT Support is of paramount importance with staff working remotely, efficiency can decrease if the staff have to wait hours for an IT response. Although most IT companies offer four-hour response times, there are some, like Swift Digital that can respond as quickly as fifteen minutes. Also check to make sure that your IT Support contract is unlimited ensuring that charges are not incurred if a limit has been exceeded.

To conclude, if you are thinking of switching to remote working post pandemic, it is important to ensure you have the right IT Support to work alongside your business, protecting you from security and network threats and allowing you to work smoothly without any issues. flexjobs link


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