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It is surprising how many networks even in today's environment are not protected with any kind of firewall. The Firewll should be a compulsory piece of equipment in any network, however large or small. The firewall is the first point of defense with the ability to prevent authorised attack from ever coming in to the network.

The firewall is ideally a piece of hardware, a physical box that is a barrier between your network and the Internet. The firewall is configured to protect your network from malicious attacks. Swift Digital has been a Watchguard partner for over a decade and has complete faith and confidence in these firewalls. Watchguard firewalls also have the additional benefit of the Software Secruity suite which is software than runs on the firewall and is updated at least on a daily basis with the latest signature files and threat protection.

The Watchguard Software Security Suite comprises:
- Reputation enabled defense - reputation service protecting users from malicious web pages
- Application control - monitors and controls access to web and business applications
- WebBlocker - controls user access to websites via category and/or specific websites
- SpamBlocker - identifies and controls SPAM outbreaks
- Gateway Antivirus - Identifies and blocks known spyware, viruses, trojans at the firewall level
- Intrustion Protection Service - real time protection from external threats


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