Your best IT consultancy company in London, installations & upgrades

It is important that our London based IT consultancy services complements our IT support services by working together and ultimately maximising the efficiency and the Return on Investment of the IT within your business. Swift Digital is a pro-active company that creates and updates your IT strategy regularly to make sure that your staff are able to work to their maximum potential by having a smooth running, efficient and effective infrastructure. Couple this with the highest level of IT Support for those times where problems do arise, you will be sure to have the least amount of down-time on your IT network.

New businesses and new IT Systems Consultancy

Whether you are a start-up, are opening a new office or simply want to replace all your equipment our IT Consultancy London Services will plan, procure and install your infrastructure from start to finish. We always work within your budgets and along with our professional business partnerships with a large number of vendors, can offer you a fully integrated IT System at the right price.

Depending on your requirements we can design and build everything from the infrastructure, the workstations, servers, cloud infrastructure, internet connections and even bespoke applications using our London based in-house application development consultancy team. Our IT Consultancy London team will liaise with any third parties on your behalf to ensure that you are left to run your business whilst we take care of the IT Systems.

A fully integrated and serviced network

Modern networks are no longer a single server holding files and folders, technology has evolved at such a rapid pace that practically everything to do with running a business is in electronic form. Our IT Consultancy London team are well versed in a large number of services that are required by most businesses. Our services range from Backup systems both in-house and cloud based, Anti Virus solutions right through to custom applications that are frequently used for applications such as stock inventory or accounts. Please see below for a list of some of the services that our IT Consultancy London department can offer:

London based IT Consultancy services for business

Onsite and offsite resilient and secure backups

Our backup solutions include both on-site and off-site technologies depending on the business and the requirements. We ensure that all solutions installed are fully tested for both back-ups and restores to give you that peace of mind that in the event of any data loss, your data can be restored.

London IT consultancy Anti Virus Solutions

Security is the most important aspect of any computer system and network. Having the right Anti-Virus solution is pararmount for ensuring that your systems are secure. Our Anti-virus solutions are comprehensive covering all forms of viruses, malware, spyware, phishing and ransomware.

IT Consultancy Spam filtering solutions

One of the most common mehods of attacking a business network is through emails. Spam email is increasing becoming more sophisticated and having the right solution in place to protect your systems is a given. The right solution will effectively prevent Spam from entering your systems.

IT Consultancy Accounts Software

Over the past 20 years we have built up a vast amount of experience in installing, configuring and supporting all types of Accounts software. We are well versed with suppliers including Sage, Xero, Quickbooks, IRIS to mention a few, and assist with cloud and onsite based systems.

IT Consultancy System Upgrades

In order to maintain system integrity, security and efficiency, IT systems require maintenance and upgrading. Hardware and software will equally require attention, hardware will need to be upgraded to cope with the added requirements from evolving software, as well as software patches and releases.

IT Consultancy Cabling and networking

Connectivity is the backbone of networks, wireless technologies have progressed, but structured data cabling is still predominantly the chosen form of network connection. Our IT Consultants can undertake all your data cabling and network jobs from patching panels right through to major cabling.

IT Consultancy Network Firewals

The first line of defence of any business network is the Internet Connection. Most businesses don't have separate firewalls in place which will leave their business open to attack. We favour hardware firewalls as the first line of defence for a network installed for maximum protection.

IT Consultancy Application Development

Although an off-the-shelf software solution may be sufficient, there is no better asset for your business than a bepoke application that is developed to achieve 100% of your business's requirements. Our London based IT Development team can engineer and build such applications to make your business soar.

IT Consultancy Multiple site connectivity

Whether a business has multiple office locations or a team of remote workers, it will be necessary to have more than one physical location connected. Our team of London based IT Consultants are specialists in connecting multiple sites, whether with fixed network infrastructures or remote workers.

IT Consultancy Cloud services

With the advance of security and efficiency of Cloud solutions, more and more businesses are migraing away from on-premise systems and utilising the extensive benefits of the Cloud. Swift has been providing Cloud solutions since 2004 and can tailor a cloud system to suit your budgets.

IT Consultancy Disaster Recovery

A large number of businesses do not have a Disaster Recovery policy in place. Many assume that having a running backup will be enough to recover any lost data. This couldn't be further from the truth. In order to protect your business, you need a comprehensive Disaster Recovery policy.

IT Consultancy Remote Working

With the evolution of businesses in recent years, most businesses will require some form of remote working. Whether it is just for a remote team or if the business operates on a completely remote workforce, Swift can implement secure and efficient systems to enable your remote working requirements.