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System threats are ever increasing with the intelligence of viruses having a continued devastating effect. In order to protect your company's most important asset, its data, a complete security plan must be employed. One of the components of this plan is Anti Virus software. It is imperative that a reputable Anti Virus solution is deployed on all devices including servers, workstations and remote and mobile devices. Not only must the solution be employed, but it must update at least on a daily basis and have adequate monitoring attached to it.

Anti Virus is not just limited to the servers or workstations. We ensure that all areas are covered including Email Anti Virus through our hosted email, Anti Virus on firewalls and through other software including Malware and Ransomware detection software.

We work with the top 5 when it comes to Anti Virus and as part of our IT Support contracts we monitor the daily updates and run full weekly scans on all workstations and servers. We have retained our professional partnerships for over a decade and work closely with the Anti Virus suppliers to ensure that our systems are fully protected against virus threats.

Cloud-based Endpoint Security

Swift Digital is proud to be partners with ESET, one of the leading security providers in the UK. The majority of our clients have the ESET CLOUD PROTECT system on their servers, cloud servers and user devices, giving not only the best in endpoint protection, but a cloud based platform where eveything is monitored and centrally updated.

ESET CLOUD PROTECT is extremely affordable and gives multiple layers of protection to the user devices, ensuring peace of mind that any threat coming in to the organisation is picked up and neutralised before any damage is done.

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Advantages of cloud-based Anti-Virus solutions

  • Central MAnagement system where all devices can be monitored
  • Centralised software updating - new updates are distributed automatically through the cloud
  • New devices are easily installed using customised scripts
  • Licenses are renewed and automatically distributed to the devices

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