The benefits of outsourcing IT support

Benefits of outsourcing IT Support

We work in a capital lead by information and technology. It is not brain science to know that practically every business (no matter the size) requires effective IT solutions in place to manage their IT infrastructure, data network, computer support and internet security.

As an IT manager or business leader, at some point, you’ll have to decide on managing IT support services in-house or find an outsourced solution.In the years that, Swift Digital has been providing IT support solutions, particularly now with the tech driven landscape, we have seen a vast array of large corporations and small-medium enterprises who prefer to outsource their IT to lower costs in building their own specialist in-house teams. Read why with our benefits of outsourcing IT support below.

1. Control IT costs
Hiring IT juniors or IT experts to work in-house full-time is an expensive labour cost on your business. Particularly when you take into account the number of working hours, reliability, level of experience, and any training and certification costs involved. Whereas, outsourcing IT support through managed IT services allows your business to budget more effectively because you’ll already have a team of experts at hand and only pay for what you get and use. For instance, Swift Digital IT support works on a variable monthly retainer or on a fixed rate monthly 24x7 support contract.

2. Custom IT solutions to meet your needs and requirements
Outsourcing IT support to a company that specialises in the field of IT, can create custom IT solutions to meet your business needs and requirements. Furthermore, if your needs and requirements change further down, your IT manager can incorporate them into your IT strategy and accommodate them seamlessly with speed and efficiency.

3. Save time and stay focused on your core business
Outsourcing IT support to an external partner can save you energy, time and resources to shift your focus back to what you should actually be doing for your business on a day-to-basis.

4. Get qualified expert advice and experienced IT support
An external partner will have qualifications, certifications and experience in handling IT support for business. If you’re not tech savvy you may not even know exactly what your business needs or requires in terms of IT. An external partner can assist by assessing your current IT network, infrastructure and security and provide expert ‘technical’ knowledge and IT consultancy to establish your business needs and requirements and to ensure that the correct measures in place.

5. Launch new technology with speed and efficiency
Today’s technology changes very quickly. In-house teams often need a fair amount of time to get up to speed with the latest tech and resources to implement new technology in an instant. An outhouse team is often proactive in new technology and will be fully equipped to successfully implement and launch new products/services within your business.

6. Minimise the risks
Outsourced IT providers have service level agreements with multiple b2b clients to keep up with industry best practices and compliance. This kind of service will minimize the risks (considerably) involved in the rapidly changing landscape of IT and business.

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