The Top 5 Common Computer Problems an IT Support Company Can Solve for You

Common problems with your IT

With the advent of remote IT support, businesses of all sizes can benefit from cost effective assistance with their computer problems. Knowing you have a team of skilled IT professionals, who can offer you immediate assistance, is hugely reassuring. Outlined below are some of the most common scenarios where an IT company can help.

My Computer is Running Really Slow!

There are many reasons why computers experience episodes of adverse performance. It may be something simple, such as running too many concurrent applications. Or, it may be something more complex, perhaps a software compatibility issue. Either should be a relatively straightforward task for a competent IT professional. Once connected to your computer, they can identify which applications are making heavy demands, and adjust the operating parameters for these. It may be necessary to uninstall and reinstall the application, or replace it with a suitable alternative. The IT operative will be making these choices based on their professional training and daily experience. No matter how obscure this seems, bear in mind that they will likely have already have dealt something similar.

My Machine Keeps Crashing!

When a computer suddenly becomes unresponsive, it is the job of an IT professional to know how to identify the cause and then put it right. The random nature of the problem, coupled with the subsequent inability to access the machine, can make this seem an impossible task. However, once the machine has been rebooted, the support worker will have access to logs which should allow them to identify the cause. Even where these are inconclusive, it is usually possible to run the computer in a different mode, in order to step through the task to determine the point of failure. Once the activity causing the exception has been identified, it should be possible to offer at least a workaround solution. The user can then continue to operate the machine while a more permanent solution can be found.

Do We have Proper System Security?

Protecting your business from unwanted intrusions and data loss is definitely a job best left to the professionals. If you hold customer data, you must be compliant with the Data Protection Act. An IT support company can offer you advice on how to protect your computers from viruses and malware attacks. They can also assist you with policies to prevent data loss when IT hardware, such as laptops, phones and memory sticks, are taken off the premises.

My Software is Saying it Needs Upgrading!

Knowing when the best time to upgrade your software is a skill in itself. Completing this task efficiently, and with the minimum of disruption to your business, requires skill and experience. The time saved entrusting this activity to a professional IT support outfit will likely save you many times their fee, as well as an awful lot of disruption and stress.

I Have Accidentally Deleted One of my Files!

Any IT support company should be able to offer complete and incremental backup solutions, meaning your business should never suffer a serious data loss. Where a file has yet to be written to the backup system, it may also be possible to recover it, either using simple search techniques, or for truly indispensable files by analyses of the hard drive.


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