Why every small business needs a virtual cloud backup and disaster recovery service

Virtual backup solutions for business

You don’t have to work in IT support to know that in this day and age, most small business owners operate their businesses digitally and online. Unfortunately, this makes data sensitive and vulnerable to man-made threats and attacks or natural hardware failures or software corruptions. Fortunately, the advancement of virtual cloud based technologies versus traditional backup technologies can lower the high-risk factors and prevent sensitive business data from damage or permanent loss, and high expenses.

Traditional Backup versus Cloud Based DR from an expert point of view

The Managing Director from Swift digital says that traditional backups are now considered ‘old school’ particularly for a small business. Technology is constantly evolving and for this reason alone, a small business cannot afford to stay behind and risk losing critical data that is essential to their business needs. We have experienced many issues with local backups on client sites. A traditional backup uses a flat file selection to backup, so any file that has not been selected has not been backed up. Traditional backups are limited to the amount of storage on tapes, they frequently encounter problems with backing up and restoring, and a large restore can take a long time to recover, especially if a complete server restore is required. Furthermore, backup media is rarely taken off-site which means that if the building is unavailable through road closure or fire/flood damage, the data is unavailable for Disaster Recovery procedures. 

Virtual servers and Cloud Based Disaster Recovery are a completely new approach to data backup, it allows a business to operate in a new form of efficiency. CBDR is fully automated and monitored; Coupled with a Virtual Server, it takes an entire image of a virtual machine as well as a flat file backup to allow almost instant and comprehensive data restores. Furthermore, virtual space easily added to the storage quota, which means backups can be kept indefinitely.


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Blog article date: 18 th Sep 2017
Posted by SDS
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